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What Is FRIDO?


FRIDO is a MIDI controller for Ableton Live® to turn your Computer into a loop station. Designed by musicians and hobby makers we had especially in mind to create a MIDI controller for instrument players who like the concepts of recording loops but also want go over the limitations of existing solutions. No bloated stuff, nothing to configure on your own – FRIDO is designed to let you focus on what really matters – your music!


4 main pedals let YOU take control over all the needed features for making loops. Record, playback, stop or delete up to 4 audio loops simultainiously. The LEDs on each peadal will show you the current status of your work. With 2 additional buttons you can switch between 4 scenes to create new loops without losing your existing work.

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Being a musician can sometimes be hard work for you and your equipment as we know. We took care of that and designed FRIDO as robust as needed. Made out of non-corroding metal and constructed water proof FRIDO will bear the daily life in your rehersal room, on stage or whereever you are with excellence. Just try it.

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Easy Handling:

Sure Loopers and MIDI controllers aren´t the newest deal on the music-market and there are a lot of them. What makes FRIDO so exciting is the fact that you don´t need to waste time for MIDI Button allocations becaue we did all that right before you. Just plug FRIDO in your PC or MAC via USB and do what you really want to do – making music.




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September 5th, 2018:

End of the summer break and we´re conquering new lands.

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Introducing FRIDO 2.1

About Us

The Team Behind FRIDO

We – the founders of FRIDO – are a small team of hobby makers and musicians from Berlin & Thuringia, Germany. Our passion and inspiration has driven the development through several stages in this project. While it starting as an Arduino based breadboard project we developed & constructed FRIDO to shape it into its final form.


Johannes Wronka

Project Manager, Electronic Designer and Programmer

Marcus Rebhan

Art Director, Interface Designer & Production Planner

Ines Zimzinski

Cooperation, Sales & Marketing